I Love Rock Shows


The live music offerings for the winter and spring of 2016 are pretty incredible in my neck of the woods. In anticipation of these events I thought I would spend some time thinking about shows of the past and my experiences with the bands that I'm planning to see. Up first, a band I have never seen, Queensryche (Queens-richie is the pronunciation in my circle of friends. Thanks to Jeff Loppnow for establishing that for us).



I'm a huge Dream Theater fan, but never spent much time with Queensryche. Nick definitely knows their catalog, and he picked up some tickets for us as a gift for my birthday. I certainly enjoy the Geoff Tate vs. Queensryche saga on Blabbermouth, so I have some interest. The musicianship will be top notch live, so I'm sure it will be great. The show is at Knuckleheads in Kansas City.

Amon Amarth

Johan Hegg carries a viking horn on his belt, enough said. This band is pure entertainment, and I've had the opportunity to see them once in the past. I believe they were opening up for Trivium and Children of Bodom at the House of Blues in Chicago (looks like it was 11/13/05, holy shit that was a while ago). I don't listen to Amon Amarth on a daily or weekly basis, but they are consistent and reliable, and a lot of fun in a small club. The show is at the Granada in Lawrence, KS which is the home of some of the best live music I've ever seen. It's a pretty compact venue with a pit area enclosed by a raised floor area with a railing right in front. That raised area is super close to the stage and the sound in the Granada is great.

Children of Bodom

I have seen Children of Bodom many times, but the first time was when they opened up for Lamb of God at the Granada (looks like 10/23/04). Bodom released Hate Crew Deathroll in 2003, and that album has become one of my favorites. I had no idea who they were at the time of the show, and I have been following them ever since. Being exposed to a band for the first time via a live show is a special thing, and it has happened to me on many occasions. I've seen Bodom a few times at the Granada, and the black metal influence, precise playing, and high energy have always been enjoyable. Other notable shows would be the show I mentioned above with Amon Amarth and Trivium, Unholy Alliance in Milwaukee (2006), and another headline show at the House of Blues, can't remember any openers, but I think it was on a tour for the Blooddrunk album.

Killswitch Engage

I have not seen KSE in a while, but I did see Times of Grace at Bottom Lounge in 2011. I still listen to The Hymn of a Broken Man on a weekly basis, and it's one of my favorite records of all time. The first time I saw KSE was probably at an Ozzfest at some point while they were touring on The End of Heartache. I saw them at the Uptown in Kansas City with Chimaira and Dragonforce as well (April 2007), and maybe once at the Rave in Milwaukee. Anyways, I liked their last record and I'm psyched to see them again since it's been a long time. The show is at the Uptown in Kansas City.


I have never seen AC/DC. It will be amazing, enough said. The show is at Sprint Center in Kansas City.

There are a few more shows that I might be able to catch, Trivium / Sevendust for example, so I'll have to keep you posted.