Gear Update

When it comes time to move our gear, being a 3 piece is great. Less band members = less stuff = less stuff to carry. With that said, we still look for ways to consolidate our equipment whenever possible. I thought I would share the latest development in our set up with you; the internal, bungee-mounted kick drum mic.

Our kick drum sound is important to our music and we like the tight, modern sound of the AKG D112 inside the kick drum; it blends the perfect amount of high and low frequencies. In an effort to get a consistent kick drum sound from one venue to the next, and for consistency with our in ear monitors, we have always brought our own stand/mic on the road with us, but with the new internally mounted system, we only have to bring the kick drum along.

The system is made up of metal tabs that mount to existing hardware inside the drum, several bungee cords, and a metal bracket. The mic mounts to the bracket and is suspended in the middle of the drum by the bungee cords. The design is simple, inexpensive, and makes for a clean look, not to mention the fact that it is one less thing to deal with on stage!

Here is a shot of the set up without the resonant head on the drum:



And here is a shot of the drum with just the microphone cable running out the front: