Since Amicus is a power trio, every sound we make is critical to achieve the big sound that we envision. I have kept this in mind as I developed the kit I play on today.

I play on a PDP MXR 5-piece Maple kit with a cherry-to-black satin finish. The kick drum is over sized, which creates a lower, fatter sound. The snare is outfitted with Puresound wires, an Evans HD Dry batter side head to control overtones and provide a tight attack, and maple hoops to enhance the warmth. For cymbals, I play Sabian's AAX series. These project a lot of volume and maintain a balanced, crisp sound. I especially like the sound of larger cymbals, so my lineup consists of a 20 inch China and 20,18, and 16 inch crashes.

Because of the stand alone kick and the floating rack toms, I put both of the toms to the left of the kick (from drummer's perspective). The ride is tucked in between the rack toms and the floor tom, the 16 and 20 inch crash are off to the right, and the China and 18 inch crash are off to the left. I have set the cymbals up this way so that there isn't anything directly in front of me and I can rock out for all to see; hopefully I see you at a show soon!


Kick 24x18, Snare 14x6, Toms 10x8, 12x9, 14x12
Heads: Kick Emad2 Batter, Emad Reso - Snare HD Dry Batter, Clear 300
Snare Side - Toms EC2 Frosted Batter, EC2 Reso
Cymbals: Sabian AAX - 14 Hats, 20 Ride, 20 China, 20 Crash, 18 Crash, 16 Crash
Pedals: DW5000
Sticks: Vic Firth Extreme 5AN

drum logos.JPG